Strategic Advisory

From vision to mission: we create your game plan

Sustainability objectives have to be met, while more complex issues arise.


Our consultants advise you on strategic solutions that are both impactful and financially feasible. From defining an appropriate CSR strategy and quantifying it through our Environmental Intelligence service, to identifying the key levers for a successful implementation; you need to bait the hook to catch the fish. But we do not only assist you with words, we also assist you with deeds. From the very beginning to the very end.


The outcome? A transformation to a sustainable and profitable business.

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Organisations that fully integrate CSR reap the benefits of their good deeds. Not only do they improve their brand awareness, but their sustainable business model also increases the satisfaction of the employees and shareholders, their creativity and the ecological, social and economic gains of the company.

Our offer

Together with the support and expertise of our consultants and dedicated CSR team, we offer help in the following areas:

  • Strategy & Implementation plan

    • Vision and mission​

    • Objectives and KPIs

    • Initiatives and roadmap

    • Risk and opportunities identification

  • Supply Chain Resilience

    • Supplier engagement strategy​

    • GHG scope 3 reduction plans

  • Reporting

    • (Integrated) reporting​

    • CSR and ESG rating assessments (CDP, DJSI, EcoVadis, GRESB, Sustainalytics, ...)

CSR & Sustainability

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